S13 Front end swap for 910 Bluebird

S13 Front end swap for 910 Bluebird


1984 Series 2 Bluebird 910 with L20B upgrade to S13 Coilover suspension.
(This is most likely the same or very similar for Series 1 and 3. However, our work was done on a Series 2 model.)

S13 components 1988 - 1992 model used (Imported from Japan):
1) Factory lower control arms
2) Wheel hubs
3) Knuckles
4) Brake rotors
5) Brake calipers and pads
6) Tie rod ends

Performance S13 components:
7) Pedders SportsRyder eXtreme XA Coilovers
8) Pedders spring seat SKU: 5041 (to allow camber adjustability)
9) gktech V5 High Clearance Caster Arms SKU: s13x-cstr
10) MAXpeedingrods strut tops with adjustable camber SKU: 3002031896

Bluebird 910 components retained.
11) L20B Engine and engine mounts
12) K frame
13) Castor brackets
14) Manual steering rack
15) Anti-swaybar including links

Other hardware:
16) High tensile bolts M14 x 1.5 x 120mm, M14 washers & nuts Qty 2 each. For castor arms.

17) Ford Fiests tie rods from Protex SKU:RE978 Qty 2.

18) Core Electronics Spacer bushes 15mm OD x 12mm ID Qty 4 SKU: GB-1515-0015-0120 For strut top mounting.

19) Camber plate to suit 910 strut towers. Emdawgjdm

20) Custom flexible brake lines As per S13, but with 910 hard line fitting.

21) Early Commodore swaybar link bushes

22) Early Commodore steering rack boots

Item 7) Pedders SportsRyder eXtreme XA Coilovers.
Remove fixed camber plate assemblies.
Cut down the nyloc nuts to 10mm high to allow the dampening adjusters to be fitted.

Item 10) MAXpeedingrods strut tops with adjustable camber.
Press out M8 studs for use in 910 camber plates.
Bearing plates, allen bolts and washers are used in 910 camber plates.
Orange camber plates are not required.

Item 13) Castor brackets.
The center bush mounting plate requires removing, and a support gusset welded in.
14mm holes are cross-drilled to accept the S13 castor arms.


Item 14) Manual steering rack.
Tie rods and tie rod ends require removal.

Item 17) Fiesta tie rods.
Machine down an extra 25mm on the shaft, and extend the thread all the way.
Cut 25mm off the threaded end.

Items 18)
Use 2 bushes per strut top, cut one spacer down to 7mm




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